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3D-Printed Pins

Bring Your Art to Life with Printed Pins!

Ever dreamed of seeing your art adorning tiny, wearable canvases, but felt limited by traditional enamel options? Look no further than printed pins! This exciting new alternative offers artists and crafters more freedom, flexibility, and personalization than ever before.

What are Printed Pins?

Think of printed pins as the 3D-printed cousin of classic enamel pins. Made from durable polymers, they offer more design freedom, letting you ditch outlines and explore a wider color palette through color layering (up to 4 base colors recommended, but hey, push boundaries!). Plus, details as small as 0.15mm are possible, though simpler designs tend to shine brighter.

At a Glance:

  • No Outlines Needed: Ditch the restrictive outlines and embrace different aesthetics.
  • Smaller Minimums: Start small, see what works, and grow your pin stock without large order commitments.
  • Faster Turnaround: Get your pins in your hands quicker, perfect for restocking before an event or keeping up with your online shop.
  • Lightweight: No-one wants to pay the shipping fees for several pounds of pins, and no-one wants to deal with the backpain involved when carrying them around to events.
  • Hand-Assembled: Each pin is assembled with care and checked for quality, ensuring a personal touch, and less B-grade pins in the trash.
  • More Color: Customize the color of the pins' frames & borders, instead of being limited to black or bare metal.
  • Dimensionality: Smooth surface? Raised colors? Take control over how your pins feel in customers' hands, not just how they look from afar.
  • Unique Finishes: Add personality with gloss, matte, holographic, glitter, and more!

From Artwork to Pin: A Step-by-Step Guide

Original Linoleum Carving (Left), Printed Design (Center), Scanned & Flattened Design (Right)
Vectorized Design (Left), Extruded 3D File (Center), Final Pin & Color Variant (Right)
  1. Pick Your Design: Choose a sketch, painting, or any piece that translates well to a miniaturized masterpiece. Your logo, a beloved character, or even a self-portrait are all fair game! (Remember, simpler designs tend to look sharper)
  2. Prepare Your Artwork: Scan or trace your design for a clean digital copy. Consider editing for clarity if needed, thickening fine lines, simplifying small details or textures, and flattening any shadows or gradients you don't think are necessary.
  3. Choose Your Style: "Extruded" offers layered colors and finer details, while Flat can be textured or given holographic flair.
  4. Finishing Touches (Optional): Gloss, matte, glitter, or even metal leaf - let your personality shine through with extra finishes. Feeling adventurous? We can even experiment with unique techniques like watercolor sublimation to match your artistic style!
  5. Samples & Approval: Before going full steam ahead, we offer samples as part of setup cost to ensure you're happy with the final product.
  6. Order & Delivery: Once approved, your pins will be printed, assembled, and shipped within 1-3 weeks (or faster with rush orders!) depending on extra finishes chosen or if ordering larger quantities (250+).
"Watercolor" Sublimation Pins


While there are no minimums for orders, any design when first submitted needs to be processed into a 3d model, so there is always a set-up fee of $40 (includes 5 Samples) for new designs. The fee will not need to be paid again for the same design as long as no changes to the 3D files are made (e.g. new color schemes, different finish VS changing line thickness or changing text).

  • Basic unbranded backing cards for the pins are available on request.
  • Price tiers are per pin for total quantity whether all are the same design or are a mix of already set-up designs. Any costs for extras are added on separately.
  • Rubber Backs are standard, but Locking Pin Clasps are available for an extra $0.50/pin, or turn your design into a fridge magnet or a keychain for an extra $0.20/pin.

For pins up to 1.75 inches, including shipping:


Price per Pin

Total Price

Set-up + 5 Samples





$40 for 10



$75 for 25



$125 for 50



$200 for 100



$375 for 250


Contact for Quote


This might be a bit overwhelming without a built in calculator, so don't hesitate to ask if you want a quote, or have any questions/special requirements.

Printed Pins vs. Enamel Pins: Choosing the Right Fit

Both pin types have their pros and cons. Here's a quick comparison to help you decide:


Printed Pins

Enamel Pins

Lead Time

Faster (1-3 weeks)

Slower (>1 Month)

Minimum Order

Smaller (no minimum)

Larger (often 100+)

Color Options

Limited by filament palette (ABS/ASA or PETG)

Pantone match


Layer translucent colors for unique effects

Not Possible


Easier and faster

Can be inconvenient





Good, hand-assembled



Variable ($4-$1/pin), $2/ea at 51-100 pins

Variable, often higher than $2.8/ea at 100 pins

Manufacturing Location

Rochester, New York



Ready to Get Started?

Printed pins are a fantastic way for artists and crafters to showcase their work in a fun and portable way. With their versatility and ease of customization, they're a perfect addition to any art portfolio or online store. Contact us today to learn more and bring your creative vision to life!

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